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-The first 14 steps listed below, are for downloading your presets to your iPhone for the Lightroom (Lr) app. Then the next 5 steps will be for downloading to Photoshop (Ps) to your desktop/laptop

-Follow our Step-by-step instructions with pictures below to setup/download your presets in Lightroom and Photoshop.

-If you're using our presets for your everyday use, download the free Lightroom app (dng files) to your smart phone so you can download the presets directly into the app and start creating.

-If you're a Pro, use our presets in Photoshop (xmp files) on your desktop/laptop 

If you have any other questions, please reach out:

STEP 2: 

Photoshop preset instructions STEP 2.jpg

Click/Press Camera Raw Filter

STEP 3: 

Photoshop preset instructions STEP 3.jpg

Click/Press the three dots

STEP 4: 

Photoshop preset instructions STEP 4.jpg

Click/Press Load Settings

STEP 5: 

Photoshop preset instructions STEP 5.jpg

Click/Press one of the Ps logo presets (example Amore) and the preset will apply then save it to your laptop/computer and you're done!

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